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Auchmill Golf Club is an organisation that owes its existence to a community’s determination to succeed.

The original 9-hole golf course at Auchmill was officially opened for play on 14th October 1975. Brian Hugget, Ryder Cup player Neil Coles and Golf architect Roger Dyer all took a part in designing it. The first person to tee off that day was John Tosh from Westhill who strode up to the first at 8 am.

Many local people and clubs played on the old 9-hole Auchmill Course, such as the local pub teams Lord Byron, Auchmill Inn, Dancing Cairns and Sunnybank Football Club Golf Sections. It was a busy course, and due to the lack of facilities there it was not unusual for members to change into their golf clothing in their cars. There was a starting box at the course, and this can still be seen today from the clubhouse. There was no booking at that time and many occasions it was first come first served  by placing your ball in a schute alongside others.

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